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We believe spontaneous, unguarded, natural moments make the best photographs and capture the truest emotions, so we blend an artist’s eye with a photojournalist’s technique to document your celebration. We rarely give orders and instead focus on responding to the day as it unfolds — looking for moments and details that others might miss.

We understand the trust you place in your photographer and are honored to accept this responsibility. We want to help make your day smooth and enjoyable and are proud of our ability to keep clients at ease while making artful, emotion-rich pictures. We are available whenever you have questions — before, during, or after your event.

We want you to know that our commitment to quality endures beyond the day of your event. Whether displayed on a website or billboard, maybe as a collection of framed artwork, or just prints, we guarantee that the images of your time with us will remain as rich and vibrant as the day they occurred.

Commercial Photography

We work closely with several brands and creative directors to ensure everyone is happy with our results, especially the client. We have a full team of lighting technicians, stylist, hair and makeup professional on speed dial ready to ensure the clients images are exactly as you perceived them. We are best on site, but are perfectly comfortable in the studio. We like to say the best natural light is the light we create. As with all of our photography, we pride ourselves on our ability to find the better pictures, search for that perfect angle and to work with the creative director to create exactly what the band needs.

Wedding Services

Ocken Photography prides ourselves on creating a unique and fabulous collection of photos on your greatest day. WhileYou enjoy yourself, your family, and your friends.

Trust us to create images that help you remember the essence of your wedding day: the setting, the emotions, and the moments that can become fuzzy from too much excitement (among other things!). Our pictures give you the opportunity to relive and remember all over again for years to come.

Wedding services are highly customizable so we love to talk about your needs specifically, but our Sheer Simplicity is a great starting point at $3450 in Chicago and $2495 in Little Rock (ask about any other area).

Portrait Services

The purpose of a portrait is to capture younot just the way you look, but who you are. Our goal is always to make an Ocken Photography portrait session fun, simple, and relaxed so your personality can shine. You have the option of an on-location or studio session so you get just the backdrop you’d like, whether that’s a simple black curtain or a dazzling bank of flowers in bloom.

For engaged couples, we look to capture that spark between you (it’s not usually hard to find!), and we’ll even go with you to the place you first met or the spot where the magical moment happened. For graduating seniors, we leave the cheesy props behind and let you be you. We encourage children to run, jump, and roam free as we chase after them with the camera, and expecting moms can expect that we’ll create images as personal or as professional as you feel is appropriate (okay, we’re always professional, but you know what we’re saying here!). We have the patience to let things simply happen, which gives you time to relax while we make better and better photos of you.

Want to change your outfit? No problem. Want to shoot in a couple different locations? We can do that too. Let’s work together to plan the kind of session you want.

We’re happy to create portraits for the following subjects and occasions, as well as anything else you can come up with– just let us know!

Corporate professional portrait – Families – High school or college seniors –
Engagements – Bridal -Children and babies – Pets – Expectant mothers – Intimate