Covid has caused us to find new and safe ways to create. We started a new project with a client in Los Angles and when we finished, we were set to fly to Seattle when the pandemic overtook the country. Thankfully, we decided to come home.

But the client wanted to finish the project, so we needed some creative thinking. They wanted to figure out a way to continue but also keep the subjects safe. You see, these people suffer from the vary rare disease we are highlighting, making them compromised. We couldn’t exactly bring out a large crew to take over their homes and make the photos. We needed a safe plan and the client looked to us for a solution.

First shoot during lockdown

The problem was we needed to find a way to photograph the subjects with the same high quality and precision but also remain 10 feet from them at all times. The first decisions was easy, we would only shoot them outside. The rest required sacrifices. There where only going to be two of us on set, no creative director, no makeup artist, no stylist or production assistant. Just me, the photographer, and a lighting assistant. Both of us juggling all the hats fulfilling all the needs of the creative director who was with us online via a zoom link (and trust me, they where a huge help).

With zoom links, screen sharing and lots of patience on everyones part, I believe we created a recipe for safety and success.

We went on to photograph 5 more subjects in 5 different cities, including the canceled one in Seattle. And I think everyone was happy with the results.