We really do believe we do great work, but it’s better when someone else agrees. And while we always appreciate compliments, the Moss family wins the prize for validating Ocken Photography in the greatest of ways!

Lauren Moss, Alex Shubs and their friend post in front of a funny mural
Lauren Moss + Alex Shubs Wedding

In 2015, Lauren Moss married Alex Shubs, and Chris was there. Their celebration was at the Wild Onion Pub and Brewery, and it was truly amazing. Everyone looked wonderful, the weather was great, and we made the funniest photo in front of a mural – complete with a head poking through the frame.

Alan gives Rachel a kiss at there wedding by a lake, while holding a dog.
Rachel Moss + Alan Kirsch Wedding

Then in 2017, Chris got a call from Rachel Moss, Lauren’s sister. She and Alan Kirsch were getting married the next year, and they were 100% certain about hiring him to photograph their wedding. He was so touched by this, because he truly loves this family. Rachel and Alan got married at the same brewpub, but their wedding was not at all the same. Rachel had lots of cool ideas and best of all, the cutest dog.

Ricki and Ryan pose by a river
Erica Moss + Ryan Thermen Wedding

On that fabulous evening, while Chris was photographing, Ricki Moss politely asked (so as not to take away from her sister’s day) if she and Chris could talk soon about her own wedding. So this year Chris photographed the third Moss sister’s wedding at the Chicago Northbrook Hilton, with a mild May the Fourth theme (Leia: I love you. Han Solo: I know). Ricki and Ryan Thermen’s ceremony was perfectly set along a flowing river with plenty of glowing sunshine.

There’s nothing better than satisfied customers, and Chris is thrilled to have been part of so many special moments with the most fun Moss family. Thanks so very much for the ultimate compliment, Lauren, Rachel, and Ricki!