This post will have no photographs or will it be promoting any specials or giving you an up-to-date on the latest happenings for Ocken Photography. Today this post is dedicated to two people that mean so much to me. I have so much gratitude for my brothers, Bob and Chris and with reminiscing this morning came an inspiration for expression.

“I have decided to dedicate my creative passion to telling peoples’ stories. Everyday is precious and everyday is a blessing, any minute I am holding my camera I want to be capturing the fine art of life. I dedicate my life to it and everyday I will celebrate it.”

One of my affirmation from when I lived in Chicago. January 2003

As a young documentary photographer I was inspired by two amazing mentors. Their critiques and guidance are not only driven by their devotion to the camera but by the love for their little sister. Everyday I am grateful for the encouragement, the heartache, the forgiveness, and the love we incur as family of photographers. Everyday I am a better photographer because of these two men. I am grateful for the passion and respect for photography these two have and instilled in me.

Bob & Chris, I love you both and thank you for everything.

peace & blessings . jenn